Process Serving

Looking for a professional, dependable and experienced Process Server in the UK? Then look no further than BTW. Our highly skilled team of Process Servers follow the strictest guidelines and adhere to the highest levels of service to deliver your documents fast and efficiently.

Managing Director Jason Bytheway is a full member of The Association of British Investigators, you can be sure that BTW's Process Servers will deliver your documents in person and to the right recipient in a timely and professional manner. We will also keep you updated every step of the way, from receipt of an instruction to the final service.

Our Process Servers serve a wide range of documents, from legal papers to simple letters and are trained to deal with any situation in a professional and Polite manner. The typical types of documents we serve on a daily basis includethe following:

  • Statutory Demands
  • Bankruptcy Petitions
  • Non-Molestations Orders
  • Winding Up Petitions
  • Witness Summons
  • Divorce Petitions
  • Court Orders

We offer our clients different fee structures depending on their needs/timescales; this includes Standard, Urgent and Immediate delivery options. Our fixed fee or Legal Aid (LAA) funded service will include up to 3 visits, one being out of hours and a Certificate of Service or an Affidavit if required (affidavits incur additional fees).

Our hassle-free urgent service is second to none, our invaluable database of nationwide local agents, enable us to make an immediate attendance.

Depending on the situation, you can either instruct us by sending the documents electronically, arranging collection of your documents from court or your preferred pick up location or we can supply you with a local address where you can send your documents directly to our local Process Servers, this in turn helps to speed the process up.

Please note that our urgent service is subject to availability. However, we pride ourselves on being able to instruct our local Process Servers on a moment's notice and are always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done within a timely manner.

Our Process Servers adhere to strict CPR & Insolvency Rules, however, if you have specific instructions, we are more than willing to assit.

Here at BTW, we draft all of our reports in house, this ensures that they are clear, accurate and compliant with the court's requirements.

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Our highly skilled Enforcement Team is experienced in a number of different enforcement services including traveller eviction, forfeitures of commercial leases and High Court Enforcement. Whatever the instruction, our professional enforcement team is able to act on instructions quickly and effectively throughout the UK on your behalf, and will keep you updated every step of the way. So, if you need an enforcement service, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Traveller Evictions

When we get uninvited guests, the damage can be immense. Whether it is disruption to your car parking/delivery space or property, damage to fences, barriers and padlocks, or the cost to get the site clear of unwanted guests and the clear up afterwards, it can be a big headache for landlords and landowners alike.

On private land when evicting travellers, BTW use the Common Law Land Act (CLLA) (other methods would require a Court Order), a court order generally gives guests approximately a week to move on, but our Enforcement team can use the CLLA to serve an appropriate notice, which gives the travellers time to leave (usually up to 24 hours) or in some cases immediately, it is what is seen to be deemed as reasonable time.

We pride are proud of our teams of having a 100% success rate.

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Forfeiture of a Commercial Lease

Implementing a peaceable re-entry is a quick and efficient way of dealing with a tenant who has either absconded or has outstanding rent payments owed. It is a successful way of gaining back control of your property and is a simple process; simply fill in the Warrant of Forfeiture document, send it back to us electronically, and we can act on it immediately.

We offer a variety of services with regards to enforcement and have found that since the change in the law and the introduction of Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR), most of our clients  request a forfeiture of lease rather than what was previously known as 'Warrant to distant' and controlling of goods. This process has increased the number of tenants paying outstanding monies owed, reducing both the time taken to recoup debts and expense to the client.

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High Court Enforcement

A lot of our clients are transferring County Court proceedings to the High Court, mainly because this helps to reduce the time taken for an outcome and gains better results. Transferring Up proceedings to a High Court Writ is more of a common practice now and is also very simple to do.

A High Court Writ of Execution allows enforcement agents to recover the money owed to a client or to seize a number of personal items from the debtor to be sold at auction to raise what is owed.

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Investigations & Surveillance

Our Investigations and Surveillance team are experienced in a variety of different investigative procedures in order to carry out their instructions. This may be as simple as conducting desktop searches for information or may include being out in the field, covert monitoring of a subject or place and gathering evidence or intelligence to relay back to the client.

There are many reasons why our clients need an Investigation and Surveillance team that is both efficient and professional, including:

  • Residency confirmation
  • Marital questions
  • Unexplained absences
  • Confirmation of ability or lack of
  • Fraud
  • Missing persons
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Infidelity
  • Any other variety of cheating or dishonesty
  • Finding the next of kin

BTW's in house and nationwide agents are fully qualified Private Investigators (PI) and are experienced in dealing with a wide range of situations. They can assist you in finding the answers to your questions and provide you with the information you need to consider your next course of action.

The surveillance team provides our clients with a full report, detailing an accurate and concise surveillance log, with any photographic/video evidence time and date stamped for authenticity.

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Enquiry Agents

With BTW's vast network of Process Servers and Enquiry Agents nationwide, we can get our 'Boots on the ground' anywhere in the UK, Europe and most other countries quickly and efficiently. BTW's experienced team assist with a wide range of different situations such as:

  • Property Attendances, including taking photographs of cars, assets, confirmation of companies trading.
  • Local enquiries.
  • Occupancy confirmation.
  • Mystery Shopping.
  • Contacting people who are being evasive.
  • Getting signatures on documents.
  • Documentation collection.

In this modern, technological world where most things are electronic, there is still a need to have boots on the ground, especially for situations where information can only be confirmed by being at the property or premises. BTW can help with these matters and our in-house highly trained team can discuss the most effective way forward.

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You may think that if your tenants (residential or commercial) take off in the middle of the night never to be seen again, that all hope of rent arrears recovery is gone with them. However, that is not necessarily the case. In modern Britain, it is very difficult to disappear without a trace; it still happens, but the vast majority of people leave an electronic footprint everywhere they go.

There are many data sources available, some of which are accessible to everyone while other information can only be accessed by specialist trace companies. This specialised information can prove invaluable in tracing all kinds of debtors, including absconded tenants, debtors or missing persons.

So how can they be found?

The full name and date of birth are the two most useful pieces of data. They are required to ensure that the correct person is traced. Even if they're not currently on the electoral roll, we have access to several database facilities.

We can search jointly for couples, married or cohabiting, to find details for one or the other. We can also look for any association with the tenant and trading names, either a sole trader "trading as" or a limited company.

Phone numbers are also a useful tool. While we cannot get account holder details for mobile phones, we can check whether the phone is currently registered on the mobile network in the UK, a helpful tool in disproving claims that the tenant has gone to live abroad.

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