BTW (North) Ltd was founded in 2014 by Managing Director Jason Bytheway, a man with the motto "Anything is possible". 

He believes that, we as a company needed to go that extra mile, to provide the client with the professional and friendly service they want and deserve.

BTW was formed to service a growing demand from Solicitors, Law Firms and individuals alike to undertake numerous instructions including Process Serving, Tracing Absconded Debtors, Surveillance and Investigations, Pre-Legal/Asset Reports and Enforcement on their behalf.

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BTW undertakes instructions from the large network of Solicitors, Law firms and other sectors. We pride ourselves on being professional, discreet and thorough, and our motivated and highly trained workforce both in-house and nationwide have a proven track record going back literally 100's of years.

We are a fixed fee UK Nationwide Process Servers, Investigators and Enforcement agents' company.

The reputation of BTW has been built on providing a discreet, professional and personal service to our clients with our instructions being carried out quickly and effectively. We place considerable emphasis on an approachable, responsive style of working and understand the importance of adhering to strict guidelines within each sector.

We also recognise the need for attention to detail, accurate and well-presented reports, certificates, statements of truth and affidavits, and our commitment and high standards have ensured we receive repeat instructions from our clients.

With a network of trusted agents throughout the country, who are all driven by the same work ethic and beliefs as us, we can serve any kind of document in any area of the UK.

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Managing Director Jason Bytheway, the founder of BTW has a background of dealing with problematic situations (mostly aggression for nearly 30 years) so knows what it takes to adapt to different situations and diffuse any hostility in a friendly and professional manner.

Having previously worked in a number of different sectors including being a doorman (this was the start of understanding people) and working in security primarily safeguarding others, Jason has that very calm nature in challenging situations and the ability to talk most people around with a great touch of empathy.

With typical Libra traits, Jason is perfect for the job, with his enthusiasm for a challenge and his understanding of all the services that BTW offer. Jason isn't the smallest person in the room but is known throughout the industry and by several of BTW's clients as the gentle giant.

With a handshake of a vice grip and his hands-on approach, and with a determined attitude to back up his motto "Anything is possible" to get the job done, Jason has spent years compiling a great network of local agents throughout the UK to work alongside.

Being a northern lad, Jason has a focused but approachable attitude, growing the BTW brand and reputation through referrals and general word of mouth. His core beliefs run throughout the company, to the point where people trust BTW and not just Jason.

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